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About payment[ 05-12 09:06 ]
 Dear all friends, Good afternoon. This is sara,international sales representative of Qingdao Huakang Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd. Firstly,I,on behalf of our company, very grateful to our customers' support, Qingdao Huakang was able to so quickly and heal...
What kind of food suitable for use plastic bags?[ 05-12 14:52 ]
Plastic bags can be used to wrap any items, high quality plastic can also packaged food, packaged food bags need to clean and does not smell, so most of the bag is transparent.
Sealing performance of plastic bags and about what factors[ 05-12 14:50 ]
Sealing performance of plastic bags if not , it will affect the quality of the stored goods, plastic bags for commodities will not play a very good protection . The heat sealable plastic bags which factors and related it?
How plastic bags are made to order?[ 05-12 14:49 ]
Plastic bags do not hang out at the door after to sell, nor is it the pile of plastic bags to sell at the door of the store, but by custom-designed, custom-what kind of bag, what kind of plastic manufacturers to produce bags.
Features and application of clean transparent plastic bags[ 05-12 14:46 ]
Transparent plastic bags is a very clean bags, such as bags during the manufacturing process without the addition of other additives, in particular plastic not affect the appearance of the image to add a pigment, so that the bag is a very clean bags for food packaging or Pazang electronic products packaging.
Publicity color plastic bags[ 05-12 14:44 ]
Color plastic bags is a kind of publicity bags, because it is good printing effects, expressive color of the ink can maximize presented. Bags for packaging products are not only role is more of a image packaging, both beautifying effect, in addition
Performance transparent plastic bags[ 05-12 14:43 ]
Although not transparent plastic bags foil bags, but also has to maintain the vacuum performance, and sealing effect is significant, the degree of vacuum can be maintained over a period of time.
Transparent plastic bags do with vacuum[ 05-12 14:38 ]
Transparent plastic bags of plastic material though only as long as the original is made ??of polyethylene plastic material, can be made ??vacuum, the vacuum degree of the vacuum foil bag comparable, however, it does not obstruct the sun function, because there is no presence of aluminum in the material, only transparent polyethylene material.
The relationship between the thickness of plastic bags of food and Performance[ 05-12 14:37 ]
Plastic bags of food in food packaging is not the same thickness, depending on the food packaging requirements, it also depends on the environmental conditions of food storage. Some foods need ventilation, because it needs to breathe; There are some foods require strict packaging, in order to ensure its quality intact.
Sealing plastic bags of food[ 05-12 14:36 ]
Food plastic bags must have good sealing ability, to ensure the quality and safety of food, most of the food in the store, I was afraid of water and oxygen to enter, they have an impact for perishable food storage will.
Color bags features[ 05-12 14:35 ]
Color bags have a very good printing performance can be achieved using the goal, which is the color packaging characteristics. In addition to printing outside, color bags Another big feature is difficult to recycle because too much ink, and the material and ink bags mixed together, and this is the reason it is difficult to recycle reuse.
Features introduced qualified plastic bags[ 05-12 14:31 ]
Plastic bags containing items are appliances will use in our lives every day. Main plastic bags, plastic packaging rope, plastic bags, Description: Currently plastic bags of varying quality on the market, or even toxic plastic bags can also be unimpeded.
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